I finished at the Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design as industrial designer in 2011. During my university years my interest has turned toward the light and lighting. My diploma work was a standing lamp, which has a lamp-shell like a lotus flower, it’s shape can be describes as playful and variable. I created a new ceiling lamp within this lamp design, which is the first member of the lamp family for sale.

The lamp represents a kind of playfulness, which is also characterize my designer attitude.



ceiling lamp

Each piece of lamp is handmade.

Thanks for the unique solution, we can use the lamp in two modes as our room’s decoration. We can easily turn inside out the sphere shaped lamp into a flower shaped silhouette. The material of the lamp lamella is 0,8mm polypropylene, the attached console is 0,4mm waterclear polycarbonate.

The lightsource is not part of the pack, it is recommended to use with energy saver light bulb for example a spare shaped compact lamp. Standard light source is not recommended because of overheating!

dimension in closed position: 44x44x44cm

dimension in opened position: 82x82x33cm

Eszter Nagy




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